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About Royma


Royma a.k.a Dionic a.k.a Roy Arzig


My 15 years old me soon became creative and needed a plattform for it. Drawing, maybe the most common way first, was always on my mind, but without music there was no creativity.

So as a school project, I wanted to create a song. After an endless fight between "I need this" and "I can't buy that" my first project was in a trial version of Fruity Loops and was about 30 seconds short, more like a a teaser for upcoming things. Not the best grade back then, but it was a start.


With my first money from the apprenticeship as an IT Expert, I bought a guitar and the producer Edition of FL-Studio. Now I practised for about 10 years and created my own style between piano, cello and guitar and of course the kicks! Bass is one of the most fascinating things I ever experienced and at 150 BPM, there's the language noone of us learned, but somehow master perfectly - Hardstyle!


I definitely enjoy every part of the harder styles. For me its not necessary to define the genre, I want and I will do everything that comes on my mind. 


I don't care if its frenchtek, hardstyle, hardcore, old school or jump.


Whatever you think I make, I think I produce Energy!


The process of creativity doesn't end in one hobby. I like to create new stuff, so its not just music. I'm responsible for a lot of flyers, give-aways, logos, websites and other things you can do with a pc. For the Royma-Project it's a good thing for beeing experienced in. this helps me a lot getting my message to people.

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